Fedora 14 to be released

So it's not so long before Fedora 14 is released. Lets take a look at some features Fedora 14 will bring that look interesting to me.

  • An Amazon EC2 Image (AIM) for Fedora will be released! Finally move on from that old Fedora 8 image that was available on Amazon EC2.
  • For Desktop Virtualization, Spice is released. This is a KVM feature that enable super fast access to virtualized desktop systesm, Windows, Linux or any other.
  • Perl, Python and Ruby will be updated, nice but not very important to me.
  • OpenSCAP can ensure security compliance. Should be helpful to many customers.

All in all, a pretty good release although it's kind of hard to improve an already good distribution.

Many of the changes done in Fedora, will end up in RHEL. Current estimate is that RHEL 7 will be based on Fedora 16 (earliest) up to Fedora 19. (latest)