Hopeful: Linux professionals will survive the recession

Linux professionals (administrators, engineers, architects) will manage during the financial crisis. That's what sites like Cyberciti predict.

It's hard to tell what the impacts of the recession will be for Linux professionals, but here is why "we" should be perfectly fine:

  • Linux is free - Sure it is, although the "enterprise programs" all cost money when you require support. Be aware that free (as in money) software does not mean installing and maintaining it is free; you need Linux professionals to help out.
  • Linux is scalable - You can start now for a limited amount of money, when better times arrive, you will be ready to expand your infrastructure.
  • Linux is stable - Invest some money now to setup infrastructure, when it's done it won't just stop working!
  • Linux is the way to go - For the server market Linux is very common. This will only grow in the years to come so you will be ready for the future.

Well Linux professional, hope that helps you to manage during these "interesting" times.


It's a sure thing that it

It's a sure thing that it will run for long. They have survived the crisis after all. - Mark Zokle

People go on about this

People go on about this economic hiccup like it's some big deal. I've survived car crashes, motorbike crashes, earthquakes, various illnesses, and have left or been made redundant from various jobs. So has anyone else who has lived a little. 56 Million died in world war 2, that was a big deal, this is just business as usual.

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