Help Denmark - how to connect to The Pirate Bay

We all love The Pirate Bay, I guess the Danish people do too.

Now that The Pirate Bay is blocked for Danish people, here is a recipe for connecting to The Pirate Bay after all.

UPDATE: Simply visit The Pirate Bay through Me in IT Consultancy.

1. Use a web-proxy in some other country.

This is a very simple trick. Go to either Proxify, Zend2, or any other anonymous proxy and enter

2. Use a proxy in some other country.

Find yourself an open proxy in any country but Denmark.
This trick is a little harder, because it's not very easy to find a working open proxy and the proxies that are open tend to be shutdown or closed sooner or later.

3. Setup an SSH-tunnel via some other country.

This is an even more difficult trick, but works rather stable. It requires your to have access to a Linux or UNIX box somewhere outside Denmark.
Using OpenSSH:

$ ssh -L

When that's successful; visit http://localhost:8080 from your web browser.

Using Putty:

  1. Open Putty. We are going to make a new profile, so be sure to save it.
  2. Fill in the "Host name (or IP address)". This is the (free account on a) machine your are connecting to outside Denmark.
  3. Click "Connection" - "SSH" - "Tunnels".
  4. The source port is the entry of the tunnel, use "8080" for example.
  5. The destination is where the tunnel is sent to. Set it to
  6. Click "Add". Be sure to save this session, so you don't have to type this all again.
  7. Click "Open" to start the connection and the tunnel.

When that's successful; visit http://localhost:8080 from your web browser.

Good luck on you!