One month of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

It's been one month (23 days) since I move to Amazons EC2, aka Amazon Cloud, aka AWS. Overall I am very pleased with the performance of my instance, which I use as a webserver. Also the extra volumes perform great. It's been up for 100% in Januari 2009.

Here are some numbers so you can get an estimate of what Amazon EC2 cost:

$0.11 per Small Instance (m1.small) instance-hour (or partial hour) 537 Hrs $59.07
$0.100 per GB Internet Data Transfer - all data transfer into Amazon EC2 22.554 GB $2.26
$0.170 per GB Internet Data Transfer - first 10 TB / month data transfer out of Amazon EC2 32.379 GB $5.50
$0.010 per GB Regional Data Transfer - in/out between Availability Zones or when using public IP or Elastic IP addresses 0.023 GB $0.01
$0.12 per GB-month of provisioned storage 23.073 Count $2.77
$0.11 per 1 million I/O requests 4,398,873 Count $0.48
Total $70.09

Overall I'd recommend Amazon EC2, but it's a little more expensive than an average Private Hosting plan, but this setup is more scalable.

If you're interested in high quality Amazon elastic cloud, use Newvem's AWS Support to achieve your goals.