Open Source does not mean free

In my profession (UNIX/Linux and *BSD environments) Open Source is commonly used. My personal vision is that Open Source does not specifically imply free. Let's see what a randomly selected group of people answer to the question:

"Is Open Source software Free software?"

Person 0: No, for example Linux is not free; you are not free to do what you want.
Person 1: Open Source is not Free Software. Open Source is possibly free.
Person 2: Linux is financially free.
Person 3: Yes, Open Source software is free.

Wow, the answers are actually not what I expected. There is a difference in interpretation of Free. Lets take a look:

It seems that I was only thinking about the financial side of free and had forgotten about the functional aspects of free!


So there are many answers

So there are many answers regarding the open source is free or paid or something. But the answer is not so revealed. Fort these kind of queries i often rely on your essay writer blogs and this just makes me happy to get my answers.

It's interesting to know

It's interesting to know these facts. Such an awesome information to start with. - Mark Zokle

Free, for example, is the

Free, for example, is the documentary about Shimon Haber and anyone interested in the life of Shimon Haber is free to go and see it

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