Price of an average webserver on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

It's very difficult to get grip on the estimates price of a "simple" LAMP server. Here are some numbers to help you get an accurate estimate of a LAMP server.

The setup

  • One small Linux (Fedora) instance in Europe.
  • One 30 Gb volume in Europe.
  • Two 1 Gb volumes in Europe.
  • Apache, Mysql on the same machine and PHP.
  • Average daily visitors: 8000.

The price and numbers

  • 730 small instance hours = $ 80.30
  • 32 Gb of provisioned storage = $ 3.84
  • 95 Gb traffic in = $ 9.50
  • 27 Gb traffic out = $ 4.59
  • 5 million IO requests = $ 0.55
  • TOTAL $ 98.78 (Without tax)

So as a conclusion: One average webserver costs around $ 120,- (with tax) per month to run on the EC2. There are cheaper solutions to host your website(s), but Amazon EC2 provides the option to add a machine in a couple of minutes or even automated. This flexibility is not found in many other products.


For useful apps, I guess the

For useful apps, I guess the prices are just fair enough. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Interesting article. Cloud

Interesting article. Cloud computing is indeed very flexible when it comes to traffic, storage and custom server setups. Do you have an example of how cloud computing could be used in a real life situation? I'm trying to figure out how and when cloud computing would be applicable in a business environment and what the benefits would be in comparison to an 'in house' solution.

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