Red Hat Certified Architect

The certification Red Hat Certified Architect is not an easy one to obtain. It requires knowledge and perseverance to complete all courses, but enables you to use all possibilities Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems have to offer. Some of the topics that are explained in these courses are:

  • Application security, system security, security policies and user authentication.
  • Clustering, load balancing and virtual or floating IP's.
  • Large scale deployment of RHEL, managing thousands of RHEL systems and lifecycle management.
  • Capacity management, performance optimization and availability management.
  • Data management, backup strategies and restore options.

You may expect that any RHCA can fluently work with complex, large scale data centers and understands the terminology required to work in an enterprise environment.

Red Hat offers a certification for people that have met these criteria:

  1. Be a current Red Hat Certified Engineer.
  2. Exams passed for these in depth areas:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services
    • Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management
    • Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
    • Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management
    • Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning