Solaris in combination with NetApps

here are some interesting settings that i tested. it seemed to work, so here you are.

set nfs:nfs_nra=10
set nfs:nfs3_nra=10
set nfs:nfs_max_threads=24
set nfs:nfs3_max_threads=24
set ncsize=8192
set tcp:tcp_xmit_hiwat 65536
set tcp:tcp_recv_hiwat 65536
set nstrpush=9
set rlim_fd_cur=1024
set rlim_fd_max=1024
set sq_max_size=0x19

netappfiler:/some/volume - /a/mountpoint nfs no yes hard,intr,bg,proto=tcp,vers=3,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,largefiles


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