Update Soekris bios firmware from your Apple Mac OS X machine

When you are using a Soekris, a new bios is published every now and then. Because I had to search-copy-try-paste quite some time to get my Apple Mac OS X to upload the most recent Soekris (net4521) bios.

Here is what you need:

I downloaded b4501_133.bin.

The driver for the IOGear USB-to-serial cable creates a device called /dev/tty.PL2303-00002006. The Soekris will most likely run on 19200 bps. If your Soekris spits out unreadable text, try a speed like 9600. If you are able to access the Soekris bios, you can always change the serial speed using "set ConSpeed=19200" for example.

# cu -l /dev/tty.PL2303-00002006 -s 19200
POST: 012345689bcefghipsajklnopqr,,,tvwxy

comBIOS ver. 1.33  20080103  Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Soekris Engineering.


0064 Mbyte Memory                        CPU Elan SC520 133 Mhz

Pri Mas  LEXAR ATA FLASH                 LBA Xlt 999-32-63  1007 Mbyte

Slot   Vend Dev  ClassRev Cmd  Stat CL LT HT  Base1    Base2   Int
0:00:0 1022 3000 06000000 0006 2280 00 00 00 00000000 00000000
0:17:0 104C AC51 06070000 0107 0210 10 3F 82 A0000000 020000A0 10
0:17:1 104C AC51 06070000 0107 0210 10 3F 82 A0001000 020000A0 10
0:18:0 100B 0020 02000000 0107 0290 00 3F 00 0000E101 A0002000 11
0:19:0 100B 0020 02000000 0107 0290 00 3F 00 0000E201 A0003000 05

1 Seconds to automatic boot.   Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor.

> download -

Start sending file using XMODEM/CRC protocol.
~+./lsz -X b4501_133.bin
Sending b4501_133.bin, 608 blocks: Give your local XMODEM receive command now.
Bytes Sent:  77824   BPS:1745                           

Transfer complete

File downloaded succesfully, size 608 Blocks.

> flashupdate
Updating BIOS Flash ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,.. Done.

> reboot

Good, you are done!


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