Using SSH instead of SCP

Using the program SCP is not needed, use this scipt to use SSH for transferring files:

$ ssh [email protected] "cat /remote/file" > /local/file

To use this trick in a shell script-wrapper:

$ cat
#!/bin/sh -x

host=$(echo "$1" | cut -d@ -f2 | cut -d: -f1)
user=$(echo "$1" | cut -d@ -f1)
remotefile=$(echo "$1" | cut -d: -f2)

if [ ! "$host" -o ! "$user" -o ! "$remotefile" -o ! "$localfile ] ; then
echo "Please use all requires options, for example:"
echo "$0 [email protected]:./file ."
exit 1

ssh $host "cat $remotefile" > $localfile
$ chmod 755

Now "replace" the normal SCP by using an alias:

$ alias scp="~/"

One flaw of this script is that all options will have to be configured statically in .ssh/config.


I am using two servers with

I am using two servers with different operating systems in them when ever I thought of using SSH with SCP it is showing error and not allowing me to use any one of these, and i referred bestessay blogs too. If I uninstall the SCP than SSH it is working fine and my work is going smooth and I able to transfer data from one server to another also. Why this happening like this I am not able to understand.

It may be hard to understand

It may be hard to understand at first, yet, it is very interesting to know this. - Morgan Exteriors

You can also use ssh to make

You can also use ssh to make a dd image of your harddisk:

dd if=/dev/sda \
| ssh [email protected] \
'cat - > /opt/vmware/oldserver/oldhd.dd'


Just one question: why? Why

Just one question: why? Why shouldn't I use scp when needed. With your wrapper and an alias I still have to type scp so what's the diff? Furthermore your script doesn't include any additional options like specifying different port number. And what if I have a SCP/SFTP account with interactive console access disabled? The normal scp will work while yours wont.

So, tell me why?

Quite right, the only answer

Quite right, the only answer I can think of; because SCP sometimes is not compatible over two different servers. So; when SSH works, but SCP fails, this script could be helpful.

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